Supporting your flexible curtain track install

Supporting your flexible curtain track install

Whether you are considering our product (DartAnt Heavy Duty Flexible Curtain Track), or you have already purchased a curtain track kit and needed some extra support, we hope you find this page useful.

This page offers a general guide suitable for most customers.  However if you have a specific question, don’t be afraid to contact us.  We are always delighted to help support and connect with our customers.   Your satisfaction is our # 1 Priority.   If for any reason during installation something is not right, please give us a chance to fix, replace or support you through any issues. We promise to deliver you a fast and happy resolution or your money back.

Uncoil and shape your track

Before you install, you will need to allow some time and effort for the curtain track to uncoil.  Once the packing coil is released, it will make it easier to  shape and install the track into your desired path. 

Methods to Uncoil the track:

  • Reverse bend the track section by section. Repeat the process until the track has lost its original tight coil.
  • Fully coil the track in the opposite direction and secure it. Keep the track in reverse coil over a day before releasing it.
  • Putting heavy weights down on the track over a few days can also help loosen the coil.
  • Warmer conditions do make it easier to manipulate the track. If needed consider heating with a safe heat source.

NOTE:  The track won’t become perfectly straight or in the exact shape of your desired path before installing it. The brackets that you install will hold the track in your desired path once it has been clicked into place.

Set your track path and secure your brackets

Draw your track path on your ceiling and mark where you plan to mount the ceiling brackets. It is recommended that the mounts are installed approximately 1 foot (12" to 16") apart or closer at bends.

To maximize strength it is recommended to screw in where wooden stud beams support the ceiling. For hollow drywalls, install plastic anchors provided first.

NOTE: For wall mount options, you can purchase wall mount brackets parts separately. 

A hacksaw can be used to easily cut the track to your desired length. Your customized track can then be clicked securely into the brackets.

DartAnt ceiling mount brackets has a unique easy to adjust lever that will allow you to release the track at any point in the future in case you wish to take the track down or simply adjust it.

Assemble the fitted parts, now your ready to hang your curtains.

Once your track is secured onto your ceiling, add DartAnt's Heavy Duty Gliders and Easy Fit End Stops, then you'll be ready to hang your curtains with confidence.

NOTE: DartAnt gliders are compatible to a wide range of hooks, rings and clips. We have included Pin Hooks to get you started, as it is versatile and suits a wide range of curtains. However we still recommend you choose the connection that best suits your choice of curtains and look you wish to achieve.

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